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Institute of Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine

of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main


Director and Full Professor:

Prof Dr Dr hc mult David A. Groneberg


The Institute of Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine is part of the faculty of human medicine at the Goethe-University. This is the only institution with a professorship devoted to occupational medicine in Hessen. The insitute is part of the Center for Health Sciences (Managing director: Prof Dr Groneberg).

The institute's mission is to develop and conduct research and teaching programmes in occupational medicine, social medicine and environmental medicine, toxicology, epidemiology, ergonomics, hygiene and other related disciplines such as pneumology and allergology, in order to prevent health hazards in the workplace and in the common environment with the aim to create healthful general and working environments. The department of medical sociology is also part of the institute.

The polyclinic of the intitute performs a variety of medical investigations and offers guidance in the field of occupational, social and environmental medicine.

It is situated in house 9b in the Clinical Center in Frankfurt / Niederrad. The library and the ambulatory policlinic are based there too.


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