How you can find us

The University Clinic is centrally located in downtown Frankfurt on the south bank of the Main River at Theodor-Stern-Kai 7. Parking, however, is extremely limited and is not free of charge. Insofar as possible, you should use public transportation to reach the campus since this will help to protect the environment as well as your nerves!
Building numbers 26 and 27 house the Dr. Senckenbergische Anatomie, which is located to the right of the main entrance to the campus. The Institute of Clinical Neuroanatomy (Dr. Senckenberg Anatomy I) is located in the Heinrich-Hoffmann-Straße 7 in the Neuroscience Center (blue Tower, building 89)

Approaching the Clinic via public transportation

You can reach the University Clinic (streetcar stop "Universitätsklinikum") by using the streetcar lines 12 or 21, which depart from the Frankfurt Main Main Station, or by taking line 15, which departs from Südbahnhof. Whether you are approaching the campus from outside the city (e.g., the Frankfurt International Airport) or from downtown, you can reach the Clinic best and within several minutes time via the Main Station or Südbahnhof (South Station). Time tables for streetcars are available in the foyer of house 23. There is a taxi stand available at the main entrance of the campus.

Additional public transportation information for commuters and visitors can be obtained from the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund as well as Deutsche Bahn at their web sites in the internet.

Approaching the Clinic via automobile

Turn right at the main entrance and register your vehicle at the security post. Tell the person on duty there where you want to go and whom you wish to visit. If necessary, the security guard will call the Institute to notify us that you have arrived.

Route A5 from the south: Take the exit marked Frankfurt-Niederrad/Uni-Klinik, direction Niederrad/Uni-Klinik.

Route A5 from the north: Take the exit marked Frankfurt-Westhafen/Uni-Klinik and follow the appropriate signs to your destination.

Route A3 to the Südkreuz Frankfurt, then direction Stadtmitte via the B43/44, thereafter the first large traffic circle, then direction Niederrad/Rennbahn/Uni-Klinik.


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